Welcome to sewing nirvana

Yesterday was a momentous day. I’m so excited. Yesterday, five years after moving into a two bedroom flat so I could have a dedicated sewing room, I got it. Check. It. Out.

My sewing room - yay!

It’s not big and it’s not luxurious, but it’s all mine. Previously we had a futon in here for guests staying over but we’ve moved it into the living room now. I love it so much. I’m going to festoon the walls with pretty pictures and postcards and I’m going to make a set of cafe curtains for the window. See that chair? I found it on the street. I think I’ll paint it grey and make a cushion for it. The laundry basket to the right has all my bulk fabric (the stuff I’ve bought metres and  metres of and never used plus linings, fleeces and calico) and just above the cupboard to the left is my special fabric, my fat quarters (an American term for a quarter yard of fabric – perfect for napkins and small projects) and my Liberty sale finds. It’s so nice having it out on display. Hang on, I have a better picture.

Fabric stash shelf

Do you like the vintage Japanese paper flowers? I got about 20 of them from a vintage fair in Bethnal Green. Myself and my friend Tanya of Strikk Handknits screeched our way through an afternoon of retro bliss. I planned to use them for wedding table decorations but it never happened. The decorations that is, not the wedding.

So this weekend I think I’ll mostly stay in this room. In fact last night I just sat in it with a large glass of wine and a cat, thinking about all the stuff I’m going to do here. I need a radio, for one thing.

Any suggestions on how to make it more homely? What have you got in your sewing space that you just couldn’t live without?

P.S. I think I’m becoming addicted to blogging. I’m sure I’ll calm down after a while but for now I can’t seem to stop. Apologies for overloading you with information at the moment!

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