A tale of two chairs… plus YOU get to pick the cushion

Fact: I can’t pass a skip without having a quick peek just in case there’s anything good in it. And I know quite a few people who feel the same way. So when I’m walking along the street and I happen to see a chair that’s obviously seen better days but is essentially structurally sound, I pick it up and I bring it home.

Chair that's seen better days

Last week I spotted this chair outside someone’s house, ready for the bin men. Unable to resist but a bit wary of just taking something from someone’s front yard, I knocked on the door and a lovely old lady answered and said of course I could have it. New project and meeting a neighbour = double win.

Last summer's chair

I’ve also got this old chair which I picked up off the street last summer but have done nothing with. So this weekend, I decided to give them both a makeover. I sanded them down with coarse and then medium grain sandpaper, applied a white primer and undercoat and then gave them a lick of paint.

Good time chairs!

And here they are! The paint was called Pigeon by Farrow & Ball, which has got to be one of the silliest paint shades I’ve ever heard of. I do like the colour but now I’m faced with a new quandary – what fabric should I use for my cushion?

Which fabric goes best?

Here are four different options. I think they’re all nice but the one that stands out for me is the pink retro squares. That’s from an old vintage pair of curtains I found in Bethnal Green.  That’s one chair sorted – but what about the other one? Drop me a comment and tell me if you think I should go for the blue, the green or the orange flowers because I just can’t decide, and I haven’t got enough pink fabric to do two matching pads anyway.

To thank you for helping me make my mind up, I’ll be doing a brand new tutorial very soon on making a seat cushion with piping (and little ties so you can attach it to the chair back). Watch this space!

5 thoughts on “A tale of two chairs… plus YOU get to pick the cushion

  1. Blue gets my vote. Spooky by the way, have just ordered pigeon tester for a tall boy I’m putting in our ensuite. (More projects than results at the min!) Also planning a new roller blind in oilskin, researching styles at the minute while gaz watches T2.

    • you’re not going to believe THIS. I bought a tall boy on ebay to put in our bedroom – it should be arriving in the next week. How spooky?!

      • Bloody spooky. Our ensuite has been a complete refit over the last 15 months (g is a bit slow with DIY). Hoping he’ll plumb everything back in after our hols so that I can get on with the pretty stuff.

  2. Blue gets my vote too – think it looks sympathetic with the colour of the chair and more harmonious with the pink.

    Glad to hear the neighbour was nice too.

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