Self-Stitched-September ’11: Days 3, 4, 5 and 6

A cocktail and a beignet

Day 3 – Cocktails at Crafternoon

Wearing: The Zen-im Beignet

Wear again? Definitely although I need to get more wide belts to mix up the look a bit.

Day 4 of SSS'11

Day 4 – At the bus stop

Wearing: My upcycled charity shop cardy (attached lace trim and reduced sleeves to 3/4 length) using Casey’s tutorial plus the robot bag. Jacket is also thrifted for £6, but is from Jigsaw – bargainous.

Wear again? I’m always wearing this so YES

SSS'11 Day 5

Day 5 – Relaxing at home with the kitties

Wearing: The Whale of a Time blouse… and Keef

Wear again?I love this blouse personally but I always feel a little ‘unusual’ when I’m wearing it as it’s quite individual, so perhaps not suitable for every event. Although I had a meeting at work with a web developer who thought I was referencing the ‘fail whale’ you see on Twitter which made me chuckle!

SSS'11 day 6

Day 6 – Passed my driving test!

Wearing: Polka dot smock top

Wear again: Hell yeh – it’s now my luckiest item of clothing EVER.

How’s everyone else getting on with the challenge? I’m running out of stuff!

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14 thoughts on “Self-Stitched-September ’11: Days 3, 4, 5 and 6

  1. Aw, well done on the driving test. I didn’t pass mine until 2 years ago (I’m well into my 30’s!) Having said that, I am of course, still a much better driver than my other half who would fail his test dismally if he took it today!
    I so need more cardis for A/W. I’ve opted out of the challenge this time around but I found skirt refashions and Sorbettos quick and easy boosts to a Me Made wardrobe. Embellish a few tops too!
    I love your self drafted polka dot top.

    • Ah cheers Portia – indeed at the grand old age of 33 I can now… go to Ikea and do a big saturday shop – I’m all grown up :) I loved your lace tunic tee – possibly one of the best refashions I’ve seen so far – nice one x

  2. Congrats on passing my dearest, just like myself all the best drivers pass the SECOND time round and that is a fact! Loving little Gracie in the background xx

  3. Your outfits all look great. My tip is to wear the Beignet more, it goes with almost any top and you’ll be able to tick off at least a week with just that item alone!
    And congratulations on passing your driving test. I never got exam nerves at school but very nearly threw up during my driving test I was so nervous! Once you’ve had a bit of practice there’ll be no stopping you! x

  4. Joanne, I’ve just responded to your Beignet belt loop query on your Beignet post (zen-im Beignet skirt). I hope it helps, I ended up making up my own instructions in the end as I couldn’t get my loop to turn inside out! x

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