Updates from the sewing room

Updates from the sewing room

Greetings sewing-lovers! It’s been a while since I last posted a ‘sewing room update’ but I have a few things on the go and some fabulous fabrics to show you (I promise I didn’t break my monthly budget – well just a bit, but they’re from charidee shops so that’s ok).

First up – I’ve had a couple of great finds from the charity shops in Muswell Hill. All the shops meld into one for me now so I can’t remember whether I got both of these fabrics from the same shop but considering that most of the stores no longer do curtains and duvet covers (boo! When did that become charity shop policy – I’d rather have them than weird/twee doll’s houses and organic canvas bags thank you very much) I think they’re from the same place. Last weekend I picked up this seventies duvet cover for a fiver. It’s begging to be made into cushion covers and even possibly a shift dress.

Seventies flowery duvet Next, I was rummaging about today and found a length (2 metres to be precise) of this quite nice green fabric. It’s darker than  the picture suggests. I was thinking perhaps I’d use it as a wearable muslin for either McCalls 2401 or Simplicity 3835. Bargain price of (wait for it) £2. That’s a quid a metre!

Green charity shop fabric

I also received my skulls & crossbones fabric which I was going to use for pyjama bottoms for current husband and the nephew. But shock horror, when it arrived it was too rough – almost like a canvas material. And I have three metres of the stuff! I’m going to make the boy a drawstring rucksack instead, and have reordered some 100% cotton skulls fabric. That’ll learn me – read the bladdy description instead of drooling over the cheap price.

Skulls canvas fabric

Finally, I’ve cut out all the pieces for my next Beignet. Am so excited about this! I’m using a gorgeous teal corduroy I ordered last week and a green polka dot lining (which I bought six metres of and plan to use for Casey’s circle skirt sewalong as well…

Beignet prepTomorrow I’m off to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in Brick Lane. I’m on the lookout for a seventies sideboard and maybe some fabric too. Anyone else going? Look out for an over-excited woman in a denim beignet… :)

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5 thoughts on “Updates from the sewing room

  1. Snap! I went to Judy’s as well, and scored 3 vintage patterns – although I am now freaking out as 2 of them have turned out to be unprinted and assume WAY more sewing knowledge than I currently possess… Also, after 24 hours and a lot of scrubbing the $%!*? entry stamp still won’t come off my hand…

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