Self-Stitched-September’11: Days 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

Ooof it’s been a long week. I’ve been knackered most days – too many late nights and early starts. Even on the weekend I’ve been setting my alarm which on the whole is pretty horrible a task. But onwards and upwards with SSS’11. I’ve not run out of clothes thanks to my trusty hotpoint but I am getting a little bored with wearing the same polka dot tops all the time, even though I do love them. I’ve also worked out I am rubbish at sewing buttons on Beignets, as I’ve managed to lose one already (and I don’t have any spares – yikes) and another two have just popped off.

Day seven: Robot bag

Day seven: Workaday 

Wearing: Robot bag

Wear again? Bit of a cheat day today; I just couldn’t be bothered so I slipped on a trusty old polka dot dress and let the Robot bag take the strain. But yes, I wear it every day so I WILL wear again. Needs a wash though…

Upcycled Monsoon dress

Day eight: More workaday

Wearing: My upcycled Monsoon dress (I took it up by seven inches and added rick rack) plus a Modcloth cardy and thrifted belt.

Wear again: Love this dress. Love the colour and the shape. Am in danger of wearing it ragged so may have to try and copy it before I do that.

Day nine: Bowery gig

Day nine: Pints and a gig

Wearing: Black polka dot smock top

Wear again? Indeed this is in danger of becoming the most ubiquitous item in my wardrobe during SSS’11. Must try harder…

Day ten: Upcycled cardy

Day ten: Tired and blogging

Wearing: Upcycled thrifted cardigan (added lace trim and made sleeves 3/4 length)

Wear again? Yes but hopefully next time I’ll get some sleep and wear some makeup before I let myself be photographed. Eurgh.

Day eleven: Bright Eyes smock top and Zen-im Beignet

Day eleven: Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in Bethnal Green

Wearing: Bright Eyes smock top, Zen-im Beignet and Robot Bag

Wear again? I need to sort the Beignet out – the buttons are popping off all over the place. But yes – it’s a trusty go-to wardrobe staple and I love my little rabbity top so will definitely wear this again.

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5 thoughts on “Self-Stitched-September’11: Days 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

  1. Loving the effort and also loving that you appear to have your own, personal photographer to document SSS11. I could just imagine Gaz’ reaction if i asked him to snap me daily basis!

  2. I was thinking about your buttons. Possibly, given that they are metal buttons, the problem is not with your sewing – but have they got sharp edges around the shanks which is acting like little saws on the thread? Just a thought. Not sure what you can do if it is – possibly paint over the edges with clear nail varnish so they have a smoother surface where the thread will be?

  3. Hi Bridie, I’m wearing the skirt today so I’ve just had a look. The shanks are pretty good and smooth actually. But I watched this short tute on sewing a shank button and redid the offending buttons and they seem to be a lot stronger – I think the reinforced stitches on the other side of the fabric are what’s making it more sturdy :)

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