Pour moi? Merci!

Oooh peeps I’ve been chomping at the bit with things to tell you but I’ve lost my camera lead that hooks the darn thing up to the interweb and so I can’t illustrate any posts with pics. Waaaah. V, V, V frustrating indeed. So a quick p0st without any accompanying pics (apologies in advance) whilst Mrs Amazon gets her proverbial together and sends me a new cable.

I was inordinately chuffed late last year when I found out (inadvertently mind, just by stalking other people’s blogs) that two bloggers had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. And then I though, ‘ooh is this just like a round robin where you pass on this weird little message to other people and then they feel like they have to pass it on too’? And then I thought ‘oh sod it love just be happy someone was nice enough to think of you and then pass it on you daft mare’.  So I am, and here it be.

I was nominated by the wonderful Sandy of Living in Red. I always enjoy Sandy’s dry sense of humour and wit. I imagine she’d be terribly funny to sit down with over a glass of wine (red obviously) and her knitted projects make me extremely jealous. I then found out I was nominated by Ginger (not her real name) of Ginger Makes. I’ve only recently discovered her blog and I love her style – she’s totally adorable. Thanks ladies!

So there are some rules attached to this nomination which I’ll immediately throw out the window. I’m supposed to tell you seven things you don’t know about me. I can’t actually think of seven things that you might care to know about me that I haven’t told you already but here’s a few:

  • I cheated death on a coach trip once. I was getting up to disembark and the bus stopped suddenly and I went hurtling towards the front window. I would have gone straight through the windscreen of the coach (or dashed my skull to pieces) but a very old man grabbed me by the wrist and stopped me mid-hurtle. Readers, I married him. (Only joking!) But I’ll never forget him.
  • I used to have a pack of dogs follow me about when I was a child. They were all called Ben but had different surnames e.g. Ben Kettle, Ben Gallagher, Ben Duffy etc…
  • I have bunions.

The second rule is to mention another few bloggers I love and would like to nominate for this award so for versatility and comedy and general all round sewing loveliness here are mine:

Lauren of Lladybird: She’s sassy! She’s cute! She’s the foul-mouthed rock ‘n’ roll little sister of sewing! I heart her!

Marie of A Sewing Odyssey: This woman churns out snoods by the knitwear-section-full! And she’s long been one of my favourite bloggers of the last year. I envy her.

Handmade Jane: Her makes are always super-stylish, her garments beautifully finished and her love of polka-dots and Peter Pan collars makes her a sewing kindred spirit. I salute her.

(Disclaimer: You ladies are in no way expected to pass it on if you’re not sure – just sit back and let my goodwill envelope you like a warm fug of smug x)

In other news I’ve been on a Walthamstow mission and have lots of bargain fabrics to show you (plus a spreadsheet – ooh the excitement!) once I get the Canon up and working again; I’ve been working away on my New Look 6000 for Scruffy Badger’s fest and I’m almost finished (I’m extremely excited about the Joanie-esque potential of this dress) and something very exciting (for me anyway) is happening early next week so watch out for it!

More pics in next post I promise, even if I have to draw something.

Oh and Happy New Year!

13 thoughts on “Pour moi? Merci!

  1. Wow wee, thank you for bestowing this award upon me! How exciting! Cheating death is pretty cool, but not as cool as the fact that I have the beginnings of bunions…we can be bunion sisters! Or at least we can go and have them operated on together :o) I look forward to finding out what the exciting thing next week is!

  2. Is it wrong of me to laugh at your near death experience? ‘Reader, I Married Him.’ Classic! Don’t worry, I have bunions too. The perfect excuse to avoid tottering in ridiculous heels, if you ask me. Ooh, Walthamstow! Can’t wait to see what you bought.

    • Hahah no it was entirely written to elicit that response! Yes I remember you telling me about yours too. I feel a new club coming – the bunion babes? Can’t wait to show my haul either – i got about 30 metres of varying fabrics for 50. Ya can’t beat it!

  3. I also have bunions and now that I’ve ‘come out’ due to impending operation, it seems they’re really common. People get surprisingly animated talking about them! You can get gel toe separators which help keep the big toe straight. I wish I’d known about them years ago so if you haven’t already, give them a try. Look forward to seeing the fabric too!

      • Will do, although there are complications which are delaying it. My mum had both hers done and was pretty mobile after a couple of weeks each time. Not looking forward to six weeks of crutches though…!

      • Another thought on the topic of bunions! (You’ve unleashed something here, Joanne.) It makes it really difficult for me to do yoga. How can you do balancing posts when your crippled, twisted feet can’t even grip the mat? Pathetic!

      • Who knew! I had no idea they could have an effect on yoga as well. Blimey oh reilly we are martyrs to our feet. I blame the mothers personally…

  4. Oooh, why thank you Joanne! I like the idea of a pack of dogs all called the same name with a different surname! I did reveal seven facts on my blog once for something similar and it would take me about 50 years to think of seven more so I’ll leave it at that! Heartily agree with your choice of the other bloggers too! x

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