This is not really sewing related…

… but I really had to share. Last night I went to see Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny in Hoxton. In actual fact it was the same place that I saw Beth for the first time ever – about four or five years ago. She was on her own with just a guitar in a pair of dungarees (the Hooves weren’t around then) and she played Golden on her own – she was absolutely brilliant and I’ve seen her many times since in London and Glasto. But I digress.

Last night I won a prize for being the Greatest Funkiest Dancer at the gig. Don’t ask me how. I’m a 30-something shortie with no distinguishing features; I think it might have been my soulful choir-style clapping during their rendition of Like a Prayer and the fact that the men around me shrank away as I flailed, leaving me in full view of the stage. Anyway, I won a signed drum skin, doodled with Beth and the boys’ faces (think it was the drummer Dav who doodled it) and the words Greatest, Funkiest, Dancer 2012 emblazoned across it. I’ve not been this happy since since I got wed last year. Here’s a (terrible quality – sorry!) pic for your delectation.
I was congratulated by Beth herself as I left the venue. I gabbled something about seeing her before and then made her give me a high five. The shame. Although the husband says she was right up for it so I don’t feel too bad.
Here’s the woman herself in all her glory. I’m pretty sure it’s a vintage playsuit and it was a sort of glittery brocade. Very sweet. Oh look – that was a bit sewing related wasn’t it?!
Beth Jeans Houghton
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10 thoughts on “This is not really sewing related…

  1. Way to go, girl!! Congrats on the award!! I think you were very coherent whilst meeting someone you admire…. I’ve heard some horror stories about friends of mine meeting celebs, and they’d make you blush even if you weren’t the one embarrassing yourself LOL.

    LOL I totally catch myself all the time focussing in on clothes or checking out someone’s fabric …. it’s really not ALL sewing related, it’s like…. fashion n stuff ;) ^__^

    • Oh Karen I was high as a kite afterwards! I felt rather worse the morning after though ;-/ I’m going to hang the drumskin in my hallway between two frames that we display all our gig tickets in. :)

  2. Congratulations! That is something to be proud of indeed! From a kindred exuberant dancer, if you’re not having fun – its not dancing! Love that you got to talk to her and got a high five :)

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