OWOP! Day 1…

Oh I’ve been remiss this week. It was only that I read Elisalex’s post on OWOP! yesterday that I realised it started today, and not on Monday like I thought. Oops! Actually I’ve been laid up since Thursday with womanflu. Nasty horrible headcold has left me quite out of sorts. I had planned to do my Mad Men photos today but after examining my swollen eyes and sore red nose I thought best not – let’s wait til tomorrow eh chuck?

Matt decided I needed a walk in the fresh air to convalesce a bit after being cooped up for almost 48 hours so we ventured up to Alexandra Palace to take in some sunshine. What glorious weather – for March!

OWOP! Day 1

This is my go-to outfit for the Violet – skinny trousers. Usually I wear them with boots but today it was warm enough for espadrilles! Fear not – I have more than just skinny trousers planned for this week.


There he is – my own Lawrence Nightingale. We took a walk down an old disused railway track that runs behind Muswell Hill. The views are stunning on a good day. You don’t get many views like this to the pound in London town:


When I’m faced with sights like this I feel compelled to say ‘London, England’ in my best BBC received pronunciation voice.

I have to say the walk took it out of me a bit so I spent the rest of day swaddled up at home on the sofa watching Downton Abbey, which I got as a boxset from the husband for Christmas. Isn’t it good!

Hope you’ve been enjoying the spring weather, wherever you are. Looking forward to catching up on all your OWOP pics  too!


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19 thoughts on “OWOP! Day 1…

  1. Despite the fact that you were not feeling great, you look lovely in your violet blouse! Between you and Karen (did you make that) you have taken me down memory lane this evening – I lived in Muswell Hill for a while and I loved going to Ally Pally on a sunny day. (firework night up there is pretty amazing too!)

  2. Great first outfit! Love your Violets, so I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the rest of the week! Hope you feel all better soon too!

  3. I’m with you with the womanflu…. But soldiering through like only a woman can do!!! Adore your Violet, and a truly glorious day for heading up to Ally Pally.

  4. Sick or no, you still look lovely! That view is delightful. :)

    WHAT OWOP STARTED? Good thing I live in my owop pattern anyway… Off to go put on yesterday’s clothes for an outfit post… Is it cheating if I wash them first?

  5. Its a perfect outfit!! You just can’t go wrong with a cute top and some skinny trousers!!

    You have a very dapper man friend :) Always nice to see the fellas behind the fabulous ladies! Your BBC voiced “London England” made me laugh – and I live in Texas (but I’ve got a British heart ?!?)

    Feel better and can’t wait to see your other OWOPs!

    • Ah Sallie he is a dapper gent! In fact he’s a bit of a dandy which he won’t mind me saying! Ooh Texas you lucky thing you – betcha Spring is just gorgeous there :)

  6. I did exactly the same thing as you and thought the OWOP started on monday but didnt realise till monday as I had such a busy weekend! oh well two days late isnt too bad is it…

    My parents used to live in Muswell hill a very nice area. I miss living so close to london, although I now have a cute park and river which I can practically see out of my bedroom window so all is good.

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