OWOP! Day 2…

OWOP day 2

Hooray I dragged myself into and out of the shower and even did my hair and make-up for OWOP day 2!

This was the second Violet I made and it gets worn A LOT. But never before with these trousers. I fished out these wide-legged trews from the back of the wardrobe as I wanted to try something new and different in the spirit of OWOP. I also pulled  out my favourite platforms so I am waaaaay tall. I love being tall – look at how I rule the world! Platforms are about the only heels I can walk in without looking like I have rickets. When I feel tall I like to stand at the sink and laugh at how far below it is. Does that sound weird? It’s a point of reference – come on! Usually I have to tippy toe to turn on the tap…

I like this look – I look a bit like my mum circa 1979. Yeh! Rock on OWOP!

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14 thoughts on “OWOP! Day 2…

  1. It’s only when I’m cooking in heels that I understand why aprons that tie around the waist might be of any use to anyone. If I need an apron it has to have a bib as my waist is below counter level…

    The outfit is lovely, wish it were warm enough in the NE for sandals, still got a chill in the air thought sadly.

  2. HILARIOUS! I want to go and stand by the sink now and sneer down at it in all it’s short-arsed ways. ‘Look at you, you pathetic little sink…’ I really love this look on you. Very sophisticated for a person who’s thick with cold. Those trousers suit the blouse so well. Oh dear, I fear I’m going to dissolve in a little puddle of envy at these gorgeous blouses.

  3. Great blouse and lovely teaming. Ha ha… you are not alone. I look everything but gainly when I’m staggering along in my heels! I agree that the platforms help but even with those, I’ve got some serious scars on my knees from a recent ‘fall’! Don’t suppose I will ever learn ;-)

  4. I love, love, love this outfit! It’s so retro, in a really good way. You look gorgeous!

    Your sink comment made me laugh at loud, only because I have totally done it myself! Sadly, I’m a short-ass (always have been, always will be ;o)), so on the rare occasion I wear heels I like to really take advantage of my height. I do the sink trick and I’ve also been known to get things I don’t need from the back of a kitchen cupboard…well, just because I can!

  5. Wow, great outfit! You look so elegant. My OWOP today was garnering the Slummy Mummy look (hope this doesn’t inspire my daughter to copy me in twenty years’ time). But at least my below-knee skin got its first lot of exposure.

    As for wearing heels at the sink: my OH has been swearing for years that washing up gives him a bad back as the sink is too low…. Is that true? Can anyone enlighten this shortie?

    • Haha brilliant Marianna! He has the perfect excuse. You know – I can see how that might happen… but maybe think about getting a taller sink in that case :)
      Ooh you set my nerves a flutter with the ‘below knee’ skin – must get the fake tan out to cover blue-white legs!

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