MMM ’12: Week 2 in pics

Happy MMM Week 3 peeps! How did everyone do through Week 2? Can’t believe we’re already halfway through the month. Week 2 for me was a mix of success and fail. Fail because on Wednesday I clean forgot to take a picture and now I can’t actually remember what I wore on the day although I know it was me-made. Ah well. Success because I managed to wear a brand new top twice and wore one completely me-made outfit during the week! So here’s the round-up:

Me Made May week 2 in pics

Monday: Teal ginger skirt with upcycled cardigan.

Tuesday: Colette Violet with TopShop Martha jeans (ever so slightly me-made as I’ve mended a massive hole in the crotch with a denim patch so they’re wearable again!)

Wednesday: Fail

Thursday: Polkadot scout tee (yet to be blogged) with cream Oasis cardy and skinny navy Mango trews.

Friday: Upcycled Monsoon dress with jersey Mango blazer.

Saturday: Whoops – another outing for Colette Violet, this time with new super skinny navy trews from Mango.

Sunday: And another outing for my new favourite top – Polkadot scout tee with cream Oasis cardy and Martha TopShop jeans.

Hmm – I feel like I’m not truly making the most of my me-made wardrobe yet. I have two Beignets which I’ve not worn yet plus quite a few dresses. But the dresses are all a bit ‘frosting’ (as Sewaholic so succinctly put it) and tbh I’ve kind of gone off my Beignets, plus they feel a bit weighty for the season. It’s a good thing I’m almost finished my Darling Ranges muslin methinks. It’ll help fill that ‘casual day dress’ hole that’s lurking in my wardrobe right now.

I’m so loving all the MMM posts that are going up around the interwebs. If you haven’t checked out the Facebook page that So Zo… set up, do it now.

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7 thoughts on “MMM ’12: Week 2 in pics

  1. Love your outfits! Your Friday dress is an AMAZING color, and between your post and Marie’s, I’m going to go ahead and download the Scout tee pattern. So cute!

  2. OOOh, I hope you blog that scout tee soon, because I’m dying with questions: What kind of fabric did you use? How did you find the pattern? Are polkadots the best pattern in the world? (Answer: Yes!)
    I know what you mean about not making the most of your wardrobe… I can’t believe how many garments I haven’t worn yet. I guess there is a reason that some me-ade clothes have sat in the back of my closet for a long time… Maybe it’s time to get rid of them and the guilt for not wearing them?!

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