I am made of win!

So I entered a fantastic blog giveaway t’other week over at Flossie Teacakes for some foxy fabric fat quarters, kindly donated by Annie of the Village Haberdashery, and blow me over but didn’t I go and win it?

Practically the next day (that Annie one is so efficient) this collection of gorgeous foxy fabrics fell through my door. Thanks Annie and Florence!

Foxy fabric win

A fleet of foxes

Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m toying with the idea of doing another log cabin baby quilt using a mix of these and some treasures from the stash. I’ve got time to knock something up before the December arrival and it would be such a lovely thing to keep. What do you reckon?

P.S. If anyone is in doubt of my love for all things foxy – just check out this post from earlier this year. Portentous, non?

There are always such amazing blog giveaways going on, makes me feel guilty I don’t do more myself to be honest. Have you won anything amazing lately?

10 thoughts on “I am made of win!

  1. What a beautiful mix of foxes and colors! Definitely a baby quilt — so beautiful for either sex! How I love the fabric that’s popping out these days! Also, I went back to look at your foxes and I always forget what Spoonflower (my neighbor here in NC) is hosting! Some amazing artistry!

  2. Lovely win and I think a baby quilt is the prefect use for these fabrics! I totally remember your foxy post too! I’ve been very lucky to win some awesome things since blogging (mainly gorgeous patterns and once a repro 1930s booklet on dressmaking!!!) – which reminds me that I need to give some love back soon ;o)

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