Take a deep breath…


Ooh where to start, where to start…? Ok, this is my first blog post ever. Well that’s not entirely true as I have to do one for work but that’s completely different as I’m writing for ‘da man’ and it’s not about me at all. So I’m almost a blogging virgin, so to speak. Or at least I’ve done it but it didn’t really count and I never inhaled anyway and god let’s get out of this metaphorical cul-de-sac…

So – first blog. Ever. Almost. I’m going to take a tip from the best (i.e. look back at first posts by my favourite bloggers and nick some ideas) and give you a snapshot of my sewing life, as it stands right now.

I’m getting back into sewing after a few abortive attempts in the past ten years and am really (I mean really) getting into it now. Most of this is down to some fantastic, inspiring, super-funny blogs like Tilly and the Buttons, Casey’s Elegant Musings, Angry Chicken… you can see most of them to the right of this post actually. Some of it is down to finally having the kind of job where I can relax when I get home and not worry about work and colleagues and office politics. Some of it is down to feeling like I want more out of life than a job where I can come home and relax and not worry about office politics. A lot of it is down to not being able to find the kind of clothes I like in the shops and a huge chunk is down to not finding the kind of home ware  I like in the shops. So that’s about 210% why I’m back into sewing. I was never very good at maths.

But also, I want to get good at sewing. I want to improve on my very basic skills and be able to approach a new project with a good dose of confidence. I want to make cute buttonholes, sexy zips… I want to set sleeves dammit. I want to make trousers! Yes! Trousers!

But enough of all that. To celebrate my first post I offer you a glimpse of my sewing desk. It’s less a desk and more of a cupboard. Actually, it’s just a cupboard, who am I kidding?

My sewing cupboard

Hang on – that’s a bit messy. Let me just…

Tidied sewing cupboard

That’s a bit better.

But it’s great, and one day it will be magnificent cos I’m going to paint it see? I’m going to sand that behemoth down and paint its sorry ass in some nice Farrow & Ball. I got it off ebay for £100. It used to be a computer console cabinet and probably belongs in some nice Barrett home on some nice suburban estate in Swindon but right now it’s in my kitchen in North London. It’s unbelievably handy because it has a pull out bit that used to be for keyboards but is now perfect for a sewing machine.

Et voila - no mess

And I’m a messy bugger, so the fact that I can shut away my mess without having to tidy up after myself is fabulous.

Cat in sewing cupboard

Occasionally I shut one of the cats in there by accident, which isn’t so great. But there’s some lovely warm fleece in there and probably some leather so they’ll never go hungry or cold.

So that’s me and my sewing space, and why my hiatus is over. What about you? Have you dipped in and out of sewing, always feeling like you’ve never quite got the hang of it? What’s made you take a deep breath and plunge back in?

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