Tutorial spotlight: Nom nom coasters

I missed the web revolution on sewing and blogging completely. While I had my nose buried in book after book of sewing projects (most of them deeply old fashioned and not in the good retro way) I had no idea there so many fantastic online tutorials available for everything from aprons to stunning dresses. Durr. So recently I’ve been going a little mental on saving and printing out tutorials – I have a stack of them on my sewing desk and a list of projects to do that will take me a year to get through.

But this tutorial for felt coasters from Purlbee.com is one of those projects you can do in front of the Coronation Street omnibus. Look at them – don’t they look good enough to eat?

Citrus Coasters tutorial from http://www.purlbee.com

I’ve got a stack of felt (not quite the same colours but close) and plan to make as many as I can. I love how the little stitches look like seeds. Here’s my version:

Citrus felt coasters I couldn’t get quite the right lime felt, and you can see I got my segments a bit stuffed up. But that was my first one, so that’s ok. The rose pink one (what the heck kind of fruit might that be?) was a bit better, although I really need to work on my attention to a ‘neat running stitch’.

This is a great project for a beginner – you don’t even need a sewing machine! Makes me thirsty though. Is it Pimms o’clock yet?

Felt coaster - rose pink


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