Finished project: Polka-dot baby dress

I love this dress. If I could shrink myself into it I would. But it’s for a 1 yr old. My niece in fact. I made it from a pattern and tutorial available free online from the Prudent Baby website. Here’s the link if you fancy making one yourself. The pattern is for a top but all you have to do to make it into a dress is extend the sides a bit – very, very easy.

Polka-dot baby dress

The only tricky bit I found was the neck facing – It was so teeny tiny and I have trouble top stitching so close to the edge of fabrics. I think I sew too quickly and inevitably veer off course which is something I have to work on. The pattern recommended pearl snaps for the fastenings on the shoulders which I bought but then realised I didn’t have a snap setter. So I used some sew in velcro instead which was super-easy. I do now have a snap setter but I’m afraid of it. For another time I think.

I bought the fabric online (though can’t remember where) and the dusty pink binding is from John Lewis. You could make your own binding if you have a binding tape maker or a steady hand and an iron.

Cara in her new hand-made dress

And here’s the young lady in the very same dress! Look at those legs!

I realise this post isn’t very handy for people who want to see a project from start to finish but I’ve got a bunch of finished bits and pieces that I want to put up first before I go through a project like that. Plus I don’t know whether I’ll make senseĀ  so I’ll have to work on how I present it! In the meantime hopefully I can point you towards good expert tutorials and patterns that I’ve used, and show you the results.

If I can do it, then anyone can, seriously.

Anyone else got any super-simple tutorials to share? Bring it!


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3 thoughts on “Finished project: Polka-dot baby dress

  1. Loving the new blog – pleased that someone else I know is a stitcher! Also, thanks for the pointer to Prudent Baby. I’ve now downloaded the instructions for a new drawstring bag for Babyham and will be sewing it up this weekend.

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