Tutorial #1: Felt birdy mobile phone cover

Felt birdy mobile phone cover
This is a bit of a cheat tutorial as the project is not of my own making, but comes with Issue 1 of the fantastic new sewing and craft magazine Mollie Makes.

Mollie Makes magazine

Each month you get a little package with the mag that has all the relevant materials inside plus directions and templates on how to put it together in the magazine. I thought I’d do my own version of the tutorial for anyone who isn’t subscribed as you can just buy a few pieces of felt and put it together yourself at home.

Felt supplies

What you need:

1 piece of 35cm x 10.5cm grey felt (or two pieces roughly 18 cm x 10.5cm each)

3 pieces of felt in assorted colours (here we have  pink white and yellow but you can use any colours you want), roughly 7cm x 7cm each.

Not pictured here but a rectangle of white felt sized 10.5cm by 3cm.

A pretty button

Not shown here but I added a sequin at the end for the bird’s eye. You could use a button or some stitching or leave it blank if you like.

I also used thread to match the colours so I used grey, yellow and white. You can use all one colour if you want, that’s absolutely fine, it’s kinda up to you.

Pin the templates to the material

You can download the templates for cutting out your shapes here from the Mollie Makes website. cut them out and pin them to your material. Don’t fret if you pin them a bit wonky – felt doesn’t have a grain so it won’t look weird at all. You will need a small sharp pair of scissors for this as cutting out the bits in the middle of the circle and the bird is a bit fiddly.

Shapes all cut out and ready

Now you’ve got all your shapes cut out you’re ready to rock. Note – you can do this entire project just with hand stitching but I used my machine for most of it. For tricky tiny bits I turned my hand wheel instead of using my foot pedal as I’m just a big clutz when it comes to tiny sewing.

Sew white rectangle to the grey front cover

First of all, sew the white rectangle to the grey front cover with the scalloped edge. Aim for two or three centimetres down. The idea is that when you turn the scalloped edge over on itself, a nice trim of white peeks out at you.

Sewing white rectangle to the grey front cover

Pin shapes to the front cover

Next, pin down your scalloped edge and pin the pieces of felt to the front cover and sew around the outlines. You can do this in stages if you like. I didn’t sew around my pink circle. I’d like to say this was deliberate but actually I just forgot. But that’s ok because the birdy keeps it locked down anyway.

All stitched up

So that’s your front done. If you want to add an eye better do it now, otherwise you’ll end up trying to sew on a sequin from the inside. That’s what I had to do and it was a whole ten mins of fiddling that I’ll never get back. It sucked.

Now you can attach it to your back. Just line ’em up. If the back is slightly longer then just trim it at the top so both sides match. If it’s shorter then I don’t know what the heck kind of drugs you were doing when you were measuring and cutting out my friend.

To attach both sides do a blanket stitch about half a centimetre in around the outside edges (obviously not the top bit – that would be foolish). Remember that from home economics? Nah, neither did I. I had to turn to Youtube to help me with that one.

Quick check on the catsA quick check on the cats to see if they’re ok. They look pretty ok to me. Think Keef is dreaming about his girlfriend. (That’s not Gracie by the way – they’re brother and sister. That would just be sick.)

Felt birdy mobile phone cover

And there you have it.

Hope this all made sense – it’s my first tutorial, so if you have any questions or if you’ve spotted that I’ve missed some vital part out just give me a shout and I’ll update it.

Thanks for checking it out and if you create one of these – pop it up in the comments section for everyone to see and marvel at! Don’t forget you don’t have to stick to the bird theme – anything is possible with a few bits of felt.

2 thoughts on “Tutorial #1: Felt birdy mobile phone cover

  1. Looks like this kind of approach could be used for a sunglasses case too.

    My problem is that I can barely get my phone out of my bag in time to answer it as it is – so if I had to get it out of a case too I would never manage to speak to anyone!

    Think it looks fab though.

    PS. Loving the blog so do keep posting lots.

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