A corsage to bring the happy back

After an intensive week of sewing and seam ripping on my polka-dot cloned dress, I decided to take a break and concentrate on something a little simpler, a little quicker and a whole lotta fun.
Introducing… the abundant felt corsage of happiness!
The abundant felt corsage
This cute felt brooch caught my eye first on one of my favourite sewing blogs, No Big Dill so I tracked down the tutorial to Holidash.com, an American site dedicated to gifts and ideas for high days and holidays. This was for Mother’s Day but hell, I’ll wear it any day.
A sideways look
Isn’t it sweet? It was super easy to make – I used wooden pegs from the local 99p shop to keep the petals closed while the glue set. I really love this soft dark pink colour. I wonder what it would look like with contrasting shades and even more petals…I already had the felt and the fabric glue so this little baby cost just a pound or two to make.
I will go back to the polka-dot, but I’ve decided to draft my own peter pan collar and my own ¾ length sleeves instead of using what I drafted in the class. A larger collar will be easier to stitch in and I’m hoping I’ll learn a new skill in creating my own sleeves that can be used again and again. In other news, my sewing woes and frustrations with the project have compelled me to finally purchase a dress form. I just can’t fit clothes while wearing them – it’s absolutely impossible, and leads to rather uncomfortable pin-related injuries. Can’t wait to take delivery of my new mini-me! Question – does one name one’s dress form? Have you done it? ‘Fess up!
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