Onwards and upwards with a jersey dress

Exciting news! I got my mini me today, i.e. an adjustable dressmaking dummy. I’ve spent quite a bit of time this evening standing beside it, behind it, in front of it, coming upon it unexpectedly to try and catch it in motion etc. Also measuring bits of me and bits of it. I’m almost there although not quite sure how to adjust the bit between the waist and the hips – I’ll be googling that tomorrow.

My mini me

I’ve also decided to start on a new pattern with <drum roll please> a jersey knit. I know – am I mad? But it’s a beginner’s pattern from www.hotpatterns.com called ‘The uptown/downtown knit dress’  #1090. Chic, non? Check it out.

Uptown/downtown knit dress

I love that it’s ever so slightly eighties, slouchy but insouciantly chic. Awesome. Looking forward to wearing this (if it works out) and maybe pretending to be in The Breakfast Club. I think the corsage I made the other night might be a nice addition to it too.

Sizing was weird though. My measurements ranged from a 6 to a 10 on the pattern so I went for a happy medium and cut out an 8. Hoping with the knit being stretchy and all it won’t be too bad.

Pattern back

I’m really excited about this dress. Fingers crossed it works out for me. I’ll be starting to sew it together tomorrow evening. Hope to share something with you soon!


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