Completed project – パジャマ(that’s pyjamas in Japanese)

I love pyjamas. I’m one of those people that get home from work and change into their pyjamas as soon as possible, before dinner, whatever. I have about 20 pairs on the go at any one time and my favourite moment of the YEAR (yes that’s right – the YEAR) is Christmas Eve when my mum gives me a new pair of pyjamas to slip into – it’s the best feeling in the world and the fact that I’m not a child anymore and actually a grown woman of 33 doesn’t matter one jot. I love pyjamas.

So anyway… I’m amazed I haven’t got round to making these before.

パジャマ pyjamas

Cherry blossom and asanoha stars I used the gorgeous Japanese cherry blossom and asanoha stars fabric from Fabric Tales. It’s incredibly soft – almost like brushed cotton. I traced around an existing pair of jammy bottoms as described in this excellent tutorial from

Tracing the pattern

Jammy bottom pieces

They look massive in this picture don’t they?! It was fairly easy sewing them together  although it was my first elasticated waist and it was a bit bulky first time round, so I unpicked it and did it again, with better results.

Pyjama elasticated waist

I love the trim – it was only £1 a metre from John Lewis. Everyone needs a bit of pompom action at bedtime don’t they?

Pompom trim

Is there anything nicer than slipping into new self-made pyjamas? Nighty night.

6 thoughts on “Completed project – パジャマ(that’s pyjamas in Japanese)

  1. They’re absolutely gorgeous Joanne, and I LOVE the fabric. Is is double gauze? I feel another session on the Fabric Tales website coming on!
    I also love PJ’s and like your mum, I give my boys a new pair of jim jams on xmas eve. I’m going to make them handmade ones this year though. x

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