Completed project: Bright eyes smock top

This is the third time I’ve used this pattern now – it’s getting to be a fave. Regular readers (oh my god I think there are some now other than my sisters – cheers sisters) will remember I copied a Zara top and made a pattern from it. I’ve recreated it in a green print and a black & white polka dot already. This time, I broke out the bunnies and pimped it up a bit.

Bright eyes smock top

I love peter pan collars so I decided to add one to this version. It was really easy actually – I followed the first part of Gertie’s video for drafting a peter pan collar and then freestyled it with my French curves, adding a half inch seam allowance. I didn’t use interfacing – the fabric is pretty sturdy as is, so I didn’t think I’d need it.

Peter pan collar

The fabric is from Fabric Tales – isn’t it adorable? The more I make my own clothes the more I realise I seem to like little animals gambolling all over me. Who knew?!

The trickiest bit was figuring out how to pin the neckline, the collar and the facings all together and working out what order they go in (don’t judge me – I find this simple stuff really hard!), but it worked out just dandy. Pressing it was a bit of a ‘mare though – I really need a tailor’s ham now… it’s on the sewing wish list for Christmas (sisters… take note).

Purple cuffs

For a bit of pizazz (is that even a word that people under 70 should use?) I added some bias binding I had knocking around to the cuffs.

OK I’m going to stop making this top for a couple of weeks. I promise to move onto something else, really. Or maybe just one more time…

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5 thoughts on “Completed project: Bright eyes smock top

  1. I just read your blog from the first entry. I’m also a beginner at sewing (I used to make some of my clothes when I was young but had not gone near a sewing machine for 20 years until a few months ago). I like the idea of making the same pattern in different fabrics. I’ve found I learn more from re-making the same pattern 3 or 4 times than from using 4 different patterns. I’m quite impressed that you made your own pattern!

    • Ah thanks Barbara. You are right – each version of this top is a bit neater on the inside and a bit better put together because I’m much more comfortable with it. How are you finding getting back to sewing after a break? Is it all flooding back to you?

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