A grand day out at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair Bethnal GreenSo on Sunday I decided to head along to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair with some chums. I was on the lookout for a seventies-style vintage sideboard and maybe see if they had any patterns/fabrics. It was pretty fantastic – not as much furniture as last year’s (I think a few sellers have realised the awesome power of ebay – boo) but lots more clothes and barware.
Look at this vintage sewing machine - what a beauty

Look at this little beauty. Isn’t she divine? I love that kidney shaped desk – so pretty.

I've got my eye on you sister sideboard

I spotted this soon after I arrived. It’s beautifully made and very well kept. The only thing that’s missing is a glass sliding door on the top shelf but it’s barely noticeable.

The first ever Wii?

Is this the first ever Wii?
A veritable vintage fabric bounty

There was an abundance of fabric but a lot of it was only suitable for cushions and upholstery work. I have plenty of that already.

A treasure trove of a haberdasheryA gorgeous treasure trove of vintage haberdashery items, but by this time, I’d already blown my budget. But what on, I hear you say?

Vintage sideboard finds a new home #3Yep – bought the sideboard. It was delivered that very evening by Oh So Retro! on their way home from the fair.

Thanks Caroline!

A rockin' record boxOh and I also bought this adorable late sixties/early seventies record box. But I’m not using it for records, oh no…

A rockin' record boxIt’s now my yarn, zipper and trims stash box.

Vintage sideboard finds a new home #2And here’s the obligatory craaaazy seventies shot of said sideboard. Holy anachronistic furniture pieces, Batman!

If you’re in the UK and interested in attending the furniture flea fair (try saying that with a mouthful of penny sweets), they go all over – check out the website for details.

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