Guilty as charged!

Eurch. (yes that’s an official word in that I just coined it – Ed) Why does the interweb torment me so with amazingly pretty things, useful things,  outrageously gorgeous things? My monthly budget for sewing is supposed to be £50 and that’s supposed to include things like patterns, notions and occasional tools as well as fabric. Do I stick to it? Do I heck. Weekly budget more like. But it’s not my fault you see. In almost every purchase the seed of temptation has been planted by another scheming blogger, intent on crushing my willpower and emptying my coffers. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, examine the evidence before you, if you will.

Cascading hangers

Exhibit A: Cascading hangers – two packs from Amazon inc delivery £13.98

Blogger temptress: Did You Make That?

Police report: After observing the defendant’s superlative Sorbetto storage skills, StitchandWitter felt compelled to follow suit. Within two days she had taken receipt of said items and had corralled several garments into colour coded blocks, not only startling herself with her new-found storage utopia but also inadvertently leaving more room in the wardrobe for the cats to hide.

Verdict: Guilty!

Sublime stitching by Jenny Hart

Exhibit B: Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart (£8.44)

Blogger temptress: Tilly and the Buttons

Police report: The suspect not only tracked down StitchandWitter’s musings on where to find a good book on embroidery, but proceeded to tempt the unwitting victim with pictures of a certain raccoon, described as ‘adorable’ by all who witnessed it. To add insult to injury, the suspect provided a link to a well-known book superstore where the victim surrendered her credit details and subsequently purchased said item.

Verdict: Guilty!

Exhibit C: Marc Jacobs silk crepe de chine (3yds – £31)

Blogger temptress: The Selfish Seamstress

Police report: By this time the victim was so inured to suggestive messaging from the blogosphere, she was unable to recognise or fight off the manipulative advances of the suspect. Selfish Seamstress not only extolled the virtues of the fabric in question by presenting salacious images of handbags, summer dresses and other fripperies, she also presented a link to a well-known marketplace where such goods are exchanged for hard-earned cash. Again the victim, defenceless and by now almost senseless, made a financial exchange.

Verdict: Guilty!

So you see – it’s really not my fault, is it? Is it?

26 thoughts on “Guilty as charged!

  1. OH how I feel your pain, sista!!! Those blogger temptresses abound…. they tempt us with books, and cool doo-dads, and sexy patterns, oh my!! I’ve fallen victim to these devilish vixens MANY times over the last few months *hangs head in shame*

    My credit card sends its condolences… it is in the same purgatory as yours, i’m sure LOL.

  2. That fabric does make me very happy. I may have gone back to the listing three or four times already today. What a (bad?!) influence we all are on each other!

  3. Right that’s it, I managed to resist the temptation of buying the cascading hangers the first time I saw them but now you’ve put them under my nose again I have NO CHOICE.

    • It’s a fair cop guv. Just as I was able to point the accusing finger at my perpetrators, I can only expect the same level of justice. I hold my hands up!

  4. This post make me laugh – I buy things after being tempted by other bloggers almost on a daily basis, sometimes before I’ve even finished reading the blog post! x

  5. Very witty post Joanne and I love blaming others for my over spending…it’s so much more fun ;o) And to be fair, you have come away with some excellent purchases!

  6. Uh-oh… that silk crepe… I have been SO GOOD this month. But that fabric, and obviously I need to try out the Renfrew, wait actually I did buy a few metres of some coral silk for a pair of high waisted palazzo pants I’m planning daaaarrrling… Shit, we’re all as bad as each other. Don’t feel so bad now!

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