MMM ’12: Week 2 in pics

Happy MMM Week 3 peeps! How did everyone do through Week 2? Can’t believe we’re already halfway through the month. Week 2 for me was a mix of success and fail. Fail because on Wednesday I clean forgot to take a picture and now I can’t actually remember what I wore on the day although I know it was me-made. Ah well. Success because I managed to wear a brand new top twice and wore one completely me-made outfit during the week! So here’s the round-up:

Me Made May week 2 in pics

Monday: Teal ginger skirt with upcycled cardigan.

Tuesday: Colette Violet with TopShop Martha jeans (ever so slightly me-made as I’ve mended a massive hole in the crotch with a denim patch so they’re wearable again!)

Wednesday: Fail

Thursday: Polkadot scout tee (yet to be blogged) with cream Oasis cardy and skinny navy Mango trews.

Friday: Upcycled Monsoon dress with jersey Mango blazer.

Saturday: Whoops – another outing for Colette Violet, this time with new super skinny navy trews from Mango.

Sunday: And another outing for my new favourite top – Polkadot scout tee with cream Oasis cardy and Martha TopShop jeans.

Hmm – I feel like I’m not truly making the most of my me-made wardrobe yet. I have two Beignets which I’ve not worn yet plus quite a few dresses. But the dresses are all a bit ‘frosting’ (as Sewaholic so succinctly put it) and tbh I’ve kind of gone off my Beignets, plus they feel a bit weighty for the season. It’s a good thing I’m almost finished my Darling Ranges muslin methinks. It’ll help fill that ‘casual day dress’ hole that’s lurking in my wardrobe right now.

I’m so loving all the MMM posts that are going up around the interwebs. If you haven’t checked out the Facebook page that So Zo… set up, do it now.

Karen, does this qualify for Ugly Amnesty?

You is UGLY


Ooh I was full of such high hopes for this project, but things just didn’t quite turn out to plan. Who knows what caused it – the fabric choice, the lack of lining and therefore body and structure, a few extra pounds around my waist… all I can say is – this is a big fat fail of a dress, and in the interests of public sewing health – I’m sharing it with all of you.

When the fabric first caught my eye I was fresh off my Mad Men challenge and itching to use Simplicity 5961 again. It was just such a pretty little shape and so easy to run up. I decided NOT to add trims and details (like I did with the Mad Men version) because I thought the stripes would be quite enough as it was.

I then made what might be called the fatal decision – not to add a lining. The fabric is floaty, yes, but not overly so. However I think this pattern calls for something sturdier. What flowed beautifully with wool crepe and satin is disastrous with cotton seersucker! It just… wilts on the body! I feel like me and this dress have just done ten rounds in the washing machine!

Don’t even get me started on the zip. It took two machine attempts and one hand-picked zipper to get to this point, and I ain’t doing it again, no sirree. LOOK at it undulating along my spine like that, just look at it! My zipper’s doing the rhumba! And where did the swayback come from?! WTF? I haven’t got the heart to redo this travesty of a mockery of a sham of a zip.

Yikes - what a nasty zipper

Did I do this with my eyes closed? Hilariously – no!

To conclude my friends – this is not a dress that will be worn often, if at all. True, it can be saved with a slip, a cardy and a pair of sturdy Bridget Jones underpants, but only just. I haven’t even hemmed it yet – it’s THIS CLOSE to going in the bin.

Ummm – will this do?

What do you think – should I finish it off? Stitch? Or DITCH!

MMM ’12: Week 1 in pics

First up, can I just apologise for the substandard quality of some of these photos? My usual photo gimp (husband) was working the early shift this week so by the time I had got myself just about presentable he was halfway to Victoria. So most mornings this week I’ve been:

1. Balancing the camera on a loaf of bread trying to get the ‘angle’ right.

2. Trying to fix the terrible lighting in the kitchen as a result of the most god awful London weather imaginable this side of Christmas.

3. Skittering back and forth from pose to camera, stomping on cats’ tails by accident and making myself late for the train.

But without further ado – here’s the week from my wardrobe… scroll down for deets.

MMM Week 1

Overall I played it fairly safe this week, choosing to wear tried and tested items I’ve worn countless times already. You see I’ve put on a few pounds (shh!) and I’m slightly worried a few of the outfits might not fit around the old waistline! I think it’ll take a trying-on sesh in front of the mirror before I’m comfortable plucking some of my more fitted items off the hanger in the early morning. That gorgeous teal ginger? Will it still even fit? Bites lip! I’ll let you know…

I also want to get cracking on a few other projects to help me ease my way through MMM and give me some variety throughout the month as well as flexibility.

Scout Woven Tee

Scout Woven Tee from Grainline Studios

I’ve downloaded this fantastically simple T-shirt pattern from Grainline, made even more glorious by True Bias and her oversized polka dots. As soon as I saw her version I just knew I had to have it. And how did I NOT get on with my Renfrew knowing MMM was coming up? Ack! Fail. What a perfect midweek item to sling on over jeans or skinny trews. Finally – I’ve traced out the Darling Ranges dress for my first wearable muslin. I would love to have this dress ready to wear for MMM… and to have two? Wowsers. It would be Milky Bars on me! *

*Not literally you understand – I am now officially ‘off sweets’. Sad face.