Completed: Petrol blue polka dot pretty

Petrol polka dot New Look 6864

Hooray I’ve finished my second version of New Look 6864. This time I’ve shortened the dress length, fully lined the bodice and underlined the skirt with silk charmeuse and added contrast piping to the midriff section to compliment the creamy polka dots in the fabric.

Petrol polka dot New Look 6864

I love this pattern – it’s so easy to knock up, despite what seems like complicated instructions for attaching the bodice to the top yolk and the midriff section. The only fiddly bit was sandwiching the piping in there but with some patience and plenty of pins it all came together.

Inside of New Look 6230

I used French seams on the side and centre seams and slip stitched the yolk facings to the lining. See how neat it is? If the zipper wasn’t on the other side I reckon this could be reversible! Maybe not… :)

Petrol polka dot New Look 6864

I couldn’t find ready-made piping in the right colour to match the polka dots so I tried tea-dying some ivory piping first with hilarious results. Then I realised I had loads of calico for muslining which was the perfect colour match! One length of cording and a piping foot later I had just enough to circle the empire waist. I wanted to include piping on the neckline too but that would have been a real headache when I looked at how that part was constructed and I’m glad now I didn’t as it might have been a touch too prissy.

Petrol polka dot New Look 6864

I must reiterate – this is not a maternity pattern, so you don’t have to be preggers to give it a go. I just cut one size bigger in the skirt pieces and gathered a bit more to give me more room. This will last me at least another month or two I think.

Total costs: 

Pattern: Already used so not counted as cost

Fabric: Approx three metres of petrol blue polka dot from Ditto Fabrics – £22.72 inc delivery

Lining: Approx two metres of grape silk charmeuse – £3 bargain

Zipper: About £2

Thread: About £3

Piping: Cord and calico from stash

Total: £30.72

Time taken: About 6-8 hours in total

I also think this could work with a stretchy knit and no fasteners as long as you finish the arm holes properly. Perhaps another version in the pipeline? Ooh maybe I should just move onto something else now…!

And in that very spirit I’ve traced and cut out the pattern pieces for this Kwik Sew 3486 which Dibs so kindly sent me. This one is a maternity pattern and I plan to use my recently purchased elephant print viscose from Ditto fabrics to knock up version A with the sleeves.  I find the envelope illustration terribly mumsy – am thinking if I hike up the skirt and sleeve length and use a fun print it’ll seem a lot less vanilla. What do you reckon?

Kwik Sew 3486

What are you working on at the mo?

I am made of win!

So I entered a fantastic blog giveaway t’other week over at Flossie Teacakes for some foxy fabric fat quarters, kindly donated by Annie of the Village Haberdashery, and blow me over but didn’t I go and win it?

Practically the next day (that Annie one is so efficient) this collection of gorgeous foxy fabrics fell through my door. Thanks Annie and Florence!

Foxy fabric win

A fleet of foxes

Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m toying with the idea of doing another log cabin baby quilt using a mix of these and some treasures from the stash. I’ve got time to knock something up before the December arrival and it would be such a lovely thing to keep. What do you reckon?

P.S. If anyone is in doubt of my love for all things foxy – just check out this post from earlier this year. Portentous, non?

There are always such amazing blog giveaways going on, makes me feel guilty I don’t do more myself to be honest. Have you won anything amazing lately?