Romper stomper: Simplicity 2459

Hey everyone, I’m so sorry I’ve been so quiet over the last few weeks. It’s not like I’ve been mega busy, or super tired – I’ve just taken myself out of the zone I think! Thank goodness for Handmade Style. Without this regular feature there’d be tumbleweeds round these parts. Thanks for your suggestions on new questions – I’ll be factoring them into some exciting new interviews with your favourite bloggers, coming soon.

In the meantime, let’s all have a collective awwwwwwh for Simplicity 2459…

Simplicity 2459How gorgeous is this?? It’s made of leftover teal cord from my Beignet and Ginger skirts, and lined with leftover rabbit fabric from my self-drafted smock top. Dontcha love a ‘free’ make?

For the most part this was really easy to knock up, except that the instructions seemed to omit the adding of the shoulder straps for View G which was what I was doing, which was a tad confusing but easily remedied by seam ripping the top of the bodice back and tucking the straps in, then securing with some top stitching. I also added a snap on each side under the arm. BOY I hate doing snaps after a long hiatus. I always forget how to do them, then lose/break/throw-them-at-the-wall-in-frustration. We got there in the end though. But I was down to my last two snaps – I shit you not.

This little romper goes with everything it seems. Must be a baby thing…

I used ready-made popper tape for the bottom – I’m sure I could have done a neater job here but truth be told I have no idea how these things work. I reckon a day or two of changing nappies will shed some light on what’s really practical.

Less than two weeks to go! The baby is a teeny tiny bit engaged which means he/she is taking his/her own sweet time to get into position. That’s cool. We’re ready. The romper will be waiting.