Bloggers of the world (well… a couple of countries) unite!

Last night I had my first ever blogger meet up at Oh Sew Brixton, in aid of International Women’s Day and Oxfam. Tilly and the Buttons organised a coterie of sewing bloggers to attend, of which I was one. Did You Make That was another, Handmade Jane another, Lazy Stitching too, plus a group of other sewing lovelies.

Do you know, I was so nervous beforehand? I can only liken it to a first date after a flurry of emails: finally meeting in REAL LIFE the people you ‘speak’ to almost every day, having seen their homes, their wardrobes, hearing about their projects, their work, their day – all before you’ve even slapped eyes on them in the flesh. And heard what they sound like! I didn’t know Alana was from New Zealand! Karen didn’t know I was Irish! Everyone was  lovely and friendly – it was hugs all round at home time. I even caught up with Alana on a delayed Victoria line tube and we yacked all the way to Highbury & Islington.

In my excitement (even though I brought a camera) I completely forgot to take any photos, so meander on over to Tilly’s and Karen’s blog for the goodies. Alana and I made make-up bags, Jane chucked out beautifully made pouch after pouch and Karen made a gorgeous iPad cover. Unfortunately its size was based on some dodgy half-remembered arithmetic and the conspicuous absence of said iPad meant that it was slightly too small. But look at what she’s done with it! Gorgeous.  Tilly embroidered the cutest raccoon… I’m itching to try embroidery – any good book recommendations for beginners?

Here’s my make up bag.

And some swishy inner lining…

It was pretty easy if you discount that my continuous yacking led me to sew one side on upside down and back to front and that I was probably the only person in the room to use the seam ripper TWICE. If you fancy having a (better) go you can get the pattern and instructions for free from the Oh Sew Brixton website. Do try their classes – I went to the wardrobe cloning workshop (£35) last year and it was brilliant.

In other news, I have purchased this thing of beauty:

Kwik Sew Onesie

Yes, it’s a onesie for adults. Stop laughing. STOPPIT.

I plan to do version A and leave out the elastic waist – who wants elastic round their cuddly bits? I may also add a padded pouch at the front for slipping in and securing a hot water bottle. Genius? I think so. Why are you still laughing? By the time I finish this it will be time for winter again… Ok so now you’re choking and spluttering and unable to speak so I shall take my merry leave of you. You’ll be jealous when the time comes. Mark my words… jealous and COLD. Hmpf.